It’s Time

The New Jersey State Library (NJSL) is committed to educating the public about the value of libraries through public awareness campaigns, community outreach and media relations.  This comprehensive marketing portal, developed by the New Jersey State Library, promotes public library services for local communities, including job seekers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, and the visually impaired. Weve also received support from local celebrities who share a deep appreciation for libraries. These stories, as well as stories from everyday library champions, are excellent examples of the diverse ways our libraries touch peoples lives.

Libraries have always sparked our imagination, taking us places we never thought wed go. In todays tough economy, theyre still doing that, but not simply through books. Since the downturn, public library use has risen significantly. By providing free access to job resources, theyre helping the unemployed find new careers, entrepreneurs create new opportunities, and small businesses find new customers. Public libraries offer classes to learn new skills, provide access to news and books for the visually impaired, and offer opportunities for networking. These vibrant backbones of New Jersey communities foster personal and professional growth, innovation, and opportunity. Theyre helping put people back to work and creating small business success stories. By doing so, they create staggering economic value for the community.

Today, people need public libraries more than ever. Its time to rediscover YOUR library


In just one day in libraries throughout New Jersey.

  • 1,015 people got employment help

  • 1,121 programs were offered

  • 892 people learned computer skills