Hurricane Sandy’s Effect on NJ Libraries

Hurricane Sandy Information Center

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy we are collecting information regarding the status of New Jerseys libraries, and will share that as it develops. Should you need information regarding disaster recovery, please visit While NJSL has no funding available to help in recovery, we do have a staff person well-versed in this area of expertise, Michele Stricker. Please contact her at if you require more detailed information.

Regarding the open/closed status of New Jerseys libraries, NJSL staff will be canvasing webpages and contacting libraries to help populate the two documents following. Please update your status if time permits. This information will be posted here. 

Please note that the New Jersey Library Association is collecting information regarding damage to libraries, photos and stories, and BCCLS has already collected the information for their members.

As New Jersey recovers from the storm, we may contact you again so that we may put a story together of how the hurricane impacted our libraries and how our libraries assisted the residents of New Jersey. This information will be updated as we receive reports from the field.

We recognize and applaud New Jerseys libraries as they strive to meet the needs of their communities in this time of disaster while simultaneously working toward full restoration of their services.

Read the Library Journal article at:

Mary L. Chute
State Librarian
New Jersey State Library