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Proposed Re-adoption and Amendments for Title 15; Chapter 21, State Library Aid and Grants – formal comment period July 19, 2010 until September 17, 2010

The Division of the State Library proposes to readopt NJAC 15:21, State Library Aid and Grants with the following substantive changes. The full text of the proposal may be found at 42 NJR 1492(b).

NJAC 15:21-2.3 describes minimum requirements for the receipt of per capita State library aid regarding compliance with laws governing public libraries, training of trustees and professional librarian positions. An increase in the amount of library-related education for library trustees from three hours per year per board to seven hours per year per board is proposed. This requirement may be met by free workshops provided by the State Library, free webinar training and in-house training. This requirement will raise the minimum standard for the receipt of per capita State library aid. No economic impact is anticipated. A codification change is also proposed to make the subsection easier to read. This will not change the meaning of the section and will improve clarity.

NJAC 15:21-2.5 describes minimum requirements for library materials and their availability. An amendment is proposed subsection (c) and Chart B to remove the requirement for paid print periodical titles. Because of the availability of electronic resources, this collection has become a browsing collection the size of which is best determined locally. No economic impact is anticipated.

Submit written comments by September 17, 2010 to:

Victoria Rosch, Associate State Librarian

New Jersey State Library

PO Box 520

Trenton New Jersey 08625-0520

Fax: (609) 278-2650


If adopted, these amendments will apply in 2011. For 2010, the current periodical requirement and training of trustees at 3 hours per board per year remains.