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A Conversation with the State Librarian

Each month NJ State Librarian Norma Blake hosts a webinar as a way to communicate directly with the field about news, issues and activities that are impacting NJ libraries.

Please join Norma on April 7, 10 - 11 am as she discusses:

  • QandANJ
  • Outspoken Library Kiosks
  • Kilowatt Pilot Project
  • Disaster Recovery Pilot Project
  • New library champion
  • SWAT Round II
  • E Book Summit
  • Marketing Contest, Seminars, BTOP Materials
  • Conference Programs and Counting Opinions Contest
  • Snapshot Day
  • Jersey CAT
  • Dedicated Tax Line for Municipal Libraries
  • NJSL New Website
  • Free Opportunity Online Workshops
  • E-rate Central
  • Return of Funds  
  • Project Compass Workshops     

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