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State Library issues RFQ for Statewide Strategic Planning Facilitator

The New Jersey State Library is seeking quotations from qualified candidates and/or organizations to facilitate the establishment of a “Statewide Master Plan on the Future of Libraries in New Jersey.”  A statewide planning committee comprised of the Library Network Review Board and the LSTA Advisory Council will advise the facilitator and oversee this process.  The plan will deliver practical and concrete ideas that will help libraries learn to survive and thrive into the future, and will provide a framework for the development and implementation of a New Jersey statewide plan for library service. 

The deadline for submission of quotations is 5pm on June 17, 2011.  It is expected that a contract will be awarded in July 2011 and the plan will be completed by April, 2012. 

The Request for Quotation (RFQ) as well as Appendix A, RFQ Attachments, can be found below.

Statewide Strategic Planning Consultant RFQ-May 19 2011 (PDF format)325.42 KB
Statewide Strategic Planning Consultant RFQ-May 19 2011 (Word format)184 KB
Appendix A NJSL RFQ Attachments3.4 MB


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