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Tombstone Territory - NJ History through Grave Markers

On Wednesday, February 15, from noon to 1 p.m., Richard Veit explored the history, the humor and, occasionally, flamboyance of grave markers found in NJ cemeteries.

NJ State Library Author TalkBased on the book New Jersey Cemeteries and Tombstones: History in the Landscape he co-authored with Mark Nonestied, the capacity audience that filled the NJ State Library second floor reading room was enlighted and entertained by his slides and commentary.

The presentation was about the cultural history of New Jersey’s historic cemeteries and burial grounds from the 17th century through the dawn of the 21st century. The book received the Authors Award from the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance in 2010.

NJ State Library Author TalkRichard Veit is associate professor in the Department of History and Anthropology at Monmouth University. A historical archaeologist, his research interests include colonial and modern grave markers, ceramics, and vernacular architecture. He is the author of Digging New Jersey’s Past: Historical Archaeology in the Garden State, and numerous articles on grave markers, historic ceramics, and historical archaeology. He is a member of the Association for Gravestone Studies, and is a conference co-chair for the 2012 Annual Conference in West Long Branch, NJ.

Mark Nonestied has been a staff member with the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission since 1991. He currently serves as the director of Exhibits and Programs for a historic site in central New Jersey. He is also a trustee of the Association for Gravestone Studies and conference co-chair for the 2012 Annual Conference in West Long Branch, NJ.  He has lectured widely on New Jersey cemetery topics.


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