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Office of the State Librarian

The New Jersey State Library, an affiliate of Thomas Edison State College, is led by New Jersey State Librarian Mary Chute. The State Library has been offering the highest quality service to the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government for more than 200 years. The State Library's mission has expanded since its establishment in 1796 to lead in the provision, promotion and support of high quality library and information services to all the people of New Jersey. The State Library's mission is filled through the efforts of the State Library Information Center, the Library Development Bureau and the Talking Book and Braille Center.

News from the New Jersey State Librarian

Be sure to check out the "Conversation with the State Librarian" podcasts for monthly news updates, and interviews with State Library staff and NJ library community members.


Office of the State Librarian

Budget and Finance Office

Library Support Services
Lifelong Learning

Marketing and Public Relations Office

Innovation and Outreach


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