Below is a list of New Jersey newspapers held by the State Library, arranged by city.  Additional newspapers are held by the New Jersey State Archives.  Following the list below, is a list of out-of-state newspapers held by the State Library.

Early American Newspapers is a set of 18 orange-colored microfilm boxes filed after the older newspapers listed above, and consists of the following titles:

The “Centinel of Freedom” is also held by the New Jersey State Archives as the Sentinel of Freedom from Oct. 4, 1797 Dec. 18, 1894.


The New Jersey State Archives has over 600 New Jersey newspapers on microfilm in their collection. The list, which is arranged by county, is available on their website at under the heading “Microfilm for Sale”. 

Here is a direct link to the PDF listing their newspapers for sale by county:

The Archives owns many additional newspapers that are not on this “for sale” list, so it is best to contact them at 609-292-6261 and ask if they have a particular title.  Here is a link to their webpage on which additional information can be found:

The New Jersey State Library does not have any newspapers covering the years 1787 1796.

The “Daily True American” from 1849 -1908 is held by the NJ State Archives; they have a card index of the vital records information that it contains, such as marriages and deaths. The State Library has some bound volumes of the True American from 1802 1829.

National Newspapers received by the New Jersey State Library

  • New York Times (Sept. 18, 1951 – current)
  • Philadelphia Inquirer (January 1970 – current)
  • U.S.A. Today (current four months)
  • Wall Street Journal (January 1958 – current)
  • Washington Post (current four months)

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