Diversity and Community Engagement

Helping New Jersey libraries provide outstanding adult, urban and diversity services

Mimi Lee, MLIS - Diversity and Community Engagement, Lifelong Learning

Mimi Lee, MLIS – Diversity and Community Engagement, Lifelong Learning

The New Jersey State Library is committed to serving New Jersey libraries through initiatives and programs, resource development, active consultations and training on library issues that impact the profession, the workplace, and information service delivery.

We ensure that training, information resources, and technical assistance are available to help libraries and librarians develop effective strategies to build programs and improve service for all patrons.

Training, Resources, and Support at the NJ State Library Include:

  • Adult Programs  • Continuing Education and Training • Diversity Issues  • New Americans
  • World Language Collections  • Serving Special Populations  • Urban Libraries  • Adult Literacy
  • Citizenship & Immigration • Community Outreach  • Multilingual Services
  • Multicultural Program Award • Services to Older Adults

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We can assist you with your search for learning

The State Library’s Lifelong Learning unit provides a liaison to the following sections and committees of the New Jersey Library Association:

  • Diversity and Outreach Section Professional Development Committee
  • Reference Section Urban Libraries Section

Lifelong Learning provides assistance and guidance on library services for diversity, active older adults, new Americans, urban and multicultural issues and community outreach; administers the Multicultural Program Award; assists New Jersey librarians with events such as the Adult Services Forum; and analyzes and assesses service needs through site visits to local libraries.

Contact your local public library to find out what programs are taking place near you!

New Jersey libraries offer various materials, services, and programs designed to meet the needs of adult users. There are a wide range of adult library programs taking place throughout NJ, including:

  • Book Discussion Groups – forums where readers can come together and talk about books and the reading experience.
  • Computer Classes – computing skills such as keyboarding, using a mouse, navigating the internet, and more.
  • Employment Search Support – a community-building service that libraries offer to patrons to aid in finding a job.
  • New Immigrants – resources to support library programming serving new immigrants.
  • Older Patrons – resources and programs that specifically target the community’s senior population.
  • Readers’ Advisory for Adults – services that are provided by librarians and may include recommendations of specific titles, authors, or lists of books for particular needs.


Mimi Lee maintains open and engaged communication with libraries through e-mail, phone and on-site visits.
For more information or to request a site-visit, please email Mimi Lee at mlee@njstatelib.org.

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