Summer Reading Program

Statewide Summer Reading Program

2015 Summer Reading Program Statistics:

Total books read   – all ages                                       1,767,373

Total registration –  all ages                                          139,678

Total participants – all ages                                           149,667

Total programs  – all ages                                                30,542

Total program attendance – all ages                         623,896

(All ages = children, teens, adults)

Chld Runners Girl copy2016 Theme is “Sports/Fitness/Wellness”

  • Children’s & Early Literacy Slogan – “On Your Mark, Get Set…READ!” – Artwork by Matt Tavares, author-illustrator of Zachary’s Ball, Henry Aaron’s Dream, Mudball, Oliver’s Game and the illustrator of The Gingerbread Pirates, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Jack and the Beanstalk, Iron Hans: A Grimms’ Fairy Tale and Lady Liberty: A Biography.
  • Teen Slogan – “Get in the Game – READ”
  • Adult Slogan – “Exercise Your Mind. READ!” – Artwork by  illustrator Larry Jones, whose clients include Random House, Forbes, Harcourt Brace, National Geographic and Scholastic.

Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Launches the 2016 Teen Video Challenge!

NJ is participating in the 2016 Teen Video Challenge (2016 TVC), a CSLP sponsored national video competition for teens to create videos that promote reading, libraries, and the 2016 CSLP teen summer reading slogan, “Get in the Game -Read.” Teens across the country are invited to create a 30 to 90 second video with their unique interpretation of the 2016 teen slogan Get in the Game -Read  in combination with reading and libraries. Teens are encouraged, before and during the summer months, to be a part of the summer reading process by showcasing their creativity and sharing their ideas before a national audience.

The winning video from each state that participates will be named one of the CSLP 2016 Teen Videos to promote summer reading nationwide. $150 will be awarded to the creator or creative team of the winning state video and their associated public library will receive a gift certificate for prizes worth at least $50 from CSLP, Upstart and CSLP partners. The winners will be announced by CSLP in April 2016. For full details about the CSLP 2016 Teen Video Challenge and to find out how to enter, see the attached documents below or visit CSLP.

Your teens can join  14-year-old Meghan Tandon from Bridgewater Library, a branch of the Somerset County Library System, who was the 2015 video winner from NJ. View her video on YouTube. Or view last year’s winners from other states by visiting the Teen Video Challenge  on CSLP’s website.

CSLP is a consortium of public libraries and state library agencies throughout the United States, its territories, and the Cayman Islands, who are working together, sharing ideas, expertise, and costs to produce a high-quality summer reading program for children, teens, and adults.

2017 Theme and Slogan is “Build a Better World” for all age groups

2018 Theme is Music


New Jersey is a member of the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP).  All fifty states, including the District of Columbia, American Samoa, the Mariana Islands and the Cayman Islands are members of CSLP.  The CSLP website allows any New Jersey public library access to special features and an online order form, but you now must follow the easy registration process to access the membership area of the website. Any public library staff member is eligible to use the registration system to access this members-only area.

The New Jersey Summer Reading Program, coordinated by the New Jersey Statewide Summer Reading Committee through the NJ Library Association, with funding from the New Jersey State Library, encourages children and families to read for fun during the summer.  The NJ Summer Reading Programs website maintains a directory of performers; programming ideas for children, teens and adults; information about discounts for summer reading prizes; registration information for summer reading workshops; a survey link for statistics from your program and a message board for librarians to share their ideas and suggestions pertaining to the summer reading program. It is also on  Facebook.


Manual, Incentives, Clip Art, Reproducible Forms

All public libraries receive one free children’s, teen and adult manual with  accompanying DVDs and an order form for summer reading materials from the Upstart Company, the contracted vendor for CSLP. Public libraries participating in the current years’ Summer Reading Program will receive a children’s banner, a children’s, teen, and adult poster and children’s and teen bookmarks for free courtesy of the NJ Summer Reading Program.

Clip art is available in color and black and white on DVDs included with the manuals. Clip art is also available in the manual in black and white for photocopying. There are also reproducible forms and handouts included on the DVD.

You can also create your own supplementary materials if you prefer and adapt the program to your community’s needs by using the materials, clip art, and digital art that come with the manual and the accompanying DVD. There are rules for use of the artwork, so please respect these and general copyright laws.

Adult Summer Reading Program

The CSLP  offers an adult summer reading program. The NJ Summer Reading Program does include a printed adult summer reading manual which was sent to all public libraries. You can order materials for this program directly from Upstart.

Early Literacy Summer Reading Manual and Other Downloadable Materials

The CSLP also offers an early literacy summer reading manual. The manual is included in the packet of manuals that was sent to all public libraries. You can also find downloadable children’s signing videos, slogans in Spanish and PSAs for the summer reading programs on the Downloads page.


If you participate in the summer reading program, the New Jersey Statewide Summer Reading Committee would like to have some feedback. A link to a survey will be posted on the NJ Summer Reading website at the end of summer. Be sure that you keep statistics of the number of participants, programs offered and the attendance, and number of books read during the summer reading program, so that you will be prepared to report back. This report will be due in October of each year.

Advocating for the Summer Reading Program

You may also want to check these resources if you want to explain why your summer reading program needs community financial support: CSLPs Summer Reading Research Page.

Promoting Your Program

To hear and download radio public service announcements for the current years’ summer reading programs for children and teens, visit the CSLP web page, where these are posted in the spring for easy downloading. (If your community doesn’t have a local radio station, perhaps your school would play them on the morning announcements).

Also available at this site are video spots and tips about how to use these announcements to promote your library’s programs. If you have a library website, you might want to run these on your web page. Other tips for publicizing your summer reading program for maximum participation are available in this years manual.

For More Information

Questions should be addressed to the NJ Summer Reading Program Chair Natalie Cheetham at or the Project Coordinator/State Representative, Sharon Rawlins,


Sharon Rawlins, Youth Services Specialist for Lifelong Learning,, 609-278-2640 ext. 116.

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