N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 100



Tuesday, July 1, 1947 (Morning session)

(The session began at 11:00 A. M.)

The fourth meeting of the Committee on the Judiciary was held in Room 204, Rutgers University Gymnasium.

PRESENT: Brogan, Dixon, Drenk, Jacobs, McGrath, McMurray, Miller, G. W., Peterson, H. W., Sommer, Smith, G. F. and Winne.

Mr. Nathan L. Jacobs, Vice-Chairman, presided at the request of Chairman Sommer.

(Informal off-the-record discussion regarding people to be invited to appear before this Committee)

VICE-CHAIRMAN NATHAN L. JACOBS: Gentlemen, if you are ready, I will call the meeting to order. We have with us this morning Dean Roscoe Pound. To the lawyers I need not say any more than "Dean Roscoe Pound." To the laymen I might say that lawyers throughout the country regard him as the leading legal scholar in the United States and, I might add, throughout the world.

I had the pleasure of being one of his students many, many years ago, and I think, perhaps, some others here have been students of the Dean.

Several years ago the Dean undertook a study which resulted in the publication of his book Organization of Courts.1 Published in 1940 as part of the Judicial Administration Series (Little, Brown; Boston). It is available to you, and I suggest that you run through it, particularly the parts that relate to recommendations, conclusions, etc. It has considerable background material and, of course, it will be helpful if you could read all of it. But with all the other material we have on hand to read right now, you may not be able to do that.

The Dean has been kind enough to come down here on pretty short notice, and I suggest that we permit him to make his own remarks, and then, when he is through, I hope he will give us the privilege of asking questions. Dean Roscoe Pound.


DEAN ROSCOE POUND: Mr. Chairman, lady and gentlemen of the Committee, - what is this gadget?


VICE-CHAIRMAN: That is for the recording system, and it will

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