N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 131



Tuesday, July 1, 1947 (Afternoon session)

(The session began at 2:00 P. M.)

PRESENT: Brogan, Dixon, Drenk, Jacobs, McGrath, McMurray, Miller, G. W., Peterson, H. W., Sommer, Smith, G. F., and Winne.

VICE-CHAIRMAN NATHAN L. JACOBS: Mrs. Miller and gentlemen of the Committee:

We have the honor of having with us our Chief Justice, one of New Jersey's most distinguished jurists. As you know, we had invited the Chancellor today, but the Chancellor will not be here, I understand, until next week. We had extended our invitation to Chief Justice Case, and through him to the individual members of his court. The Chief Justice might indicate whether any other members of the court intend to appear before us or whether he is going to express the views of any others in addition to his own views.

CHIEF JUSTICE CLARENCE E. CASE: The invitation from your Committee to myself and the members of the Supreme Court was received, and the court conferred upon it. I am authorized to speak for the other members of the court, as well as for myself, and I think that perhaps none of the other members of the Supreme Court will appear except Justice Colie who received a specific, particularized invitation, and will probably be here. I don't know that his views differ. I think that they do not differ in any material respect from those which I may express to you. But in any event, such as they are, he will tell you of them himself.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: May I explain that the reason for the individual invitation to Justice Colie was that he had requested an opportunity to appear. As a result, we extended an individual invitation, but I don't know whether he will appear on Thursday or some day later.


VICE-CHAIRMAN: Chief Justice, we should like to have you, in so far as you feel free to do so, express your views on the Judicial Article in connection with our consideration of a proposed Judicial Article for the Constitutional Convention. Our Committee has been meeting and hearing views without any attempt, to date, to reach any tentative conclusions, but primarily for the purpose of obtain-

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