N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 17

Tuesday, June 24, 1947 (Morning session)


We still have some time before the hour scheduled for the next speaker. Is there anything you would like to discuss?


VICE-CHAIRMAN: If not, we can call the next speaker as soon as the Committee is ready.

MR. McGRATH: I move that we go right on.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Any other thoughts?


VICE-CHAIRMAN: All right, we will call the next speaker, Mr. Louis Le Duc.

Mr. Le Duc is an attorney from Camden, and - I think, Mr. Le Duc, you had better state your own representation.

MR. LOUIS LE DUC: Ladies and gentlemen, my appearance here is solely in a representative capacity. I am not voicing my own views, but those of the New Jersey Committee for Constitutional Revision. The true significance of our proposals should be before you.

I will take a minute to explain what our committee is, and whom it represents. It was organized in 1940 and has been active ever since in promoting the subject of a constitutional revision. Many of you know of its activities in 1944. It draws its strength from the representation of a great many statewide organizations - social, economic and civic, of New Jersey - and these organizations that I am going to name to you have joined in the recommendations which my report presents. In other words, these are the minimal proposals of some dozen organizations of this State - statewide in their activities and outlook - and they are the unanimous proposals of these several organizations.

Without suggesting any priorities, I read the list of our affiliated associations:

  • New Jersey Taxpayers Association  
  • New Jersey Association of Real Estate Boards  
  • Consumers League of New Jersey  
  • State Federation of Labor   -    that is the A. F. of L. state organization  
  • New Jersey State CIO Council  
  • American Association of University Women  
  • New Jersey League of Women Voters  
  • State Federation of Women's Clubs  
  • National Council of Jewish Women  
  • New Jersey Federation of Colored Women  
  • New Jersey League of Shoppers.  

So that, with that varied background and viewpoint, I think you will realize that what we propose is nothing more simple or fundamental than the detailed picture given you by Senator Hendrickson.

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