N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 26

Tuesday, June 24, 1947 (Morning session)


mittee to Mr. Le Duc for his appearance here today.

MR. PETERSON: I second that motion.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much, Mr. Le Duc, for your kindness in appearing here today.

MR. LE DUC: It was my pleasure. Thank you for the privilege.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Lady and gentlemen, if you are ready, we will call our next speaker, Miss Evelyn Seufert. Miss Seufert, will you please come forward?

MISS EVELYN SEUFERT: Mr. Chairman, lady and gentlemen: What I am submitting here is an actual draft of the Judicial Article for the proposed Constitution. This draft is based to some extent upon the general principles which have just been discussed by Mr. Le Duc, and which were adopted by the New Jersey Committee for Constitutional Revision. However, mostly because of the pressure of time and the fact that we wished to get something ready for today's presentation, the Constitutional Revision Committee has not, as a whole, passed upon this draft for a proposed Judicial Article, and some of the provisions have not even been considered by the Constitutional Revision Committee.

Therefore, Mr. Chairman, I would like to present this draft, as an individual, along with my comments and those of my colleague who worked this out with me, Mr. John Bebout. We are both members of the New Jersey Committee for Constitutional Revision, and Mr. Bebout is chairman of the sub-committee on research and drafting.

If that is satisfactory to you, I would like to proceed on that basis.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: May I suggest that you proceed in that manner, but let us know in due course of the action taken by your organization and what modification, if any, is made.

MISS SEUFERT: All right. Mr. Chairman, I have copies here of our Judicial Article. I thought it would simplify matters if each member had a copy to follow. There are a few points which I would like to mention, and which might be confusing.

First, I would like to state that these copies were finished last night, after midnight, by some kind volunteer typists. They have not been checked for errors.

I believe you already have the chart of the proposed court system itself. 1 See page 30. Now, if I may, I would like to pass out copies of the Judicial Article.


Draft of Judicial Article2 Draft included in the original transcript at this point for convenience. See Appendix for detailed formal explanation furnished the Committee by Miss Seufert.

Submitted by New Jersey Committee for Constitutional Revision

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