N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 279

sent conditions. It presents a workable system of courts, preserving the substance of the Chancery Court and of the county courts. The Chancellor and Chief Justice, the Vice-Chancellors and Associate Justices of the present Supreme Court in office, and Circuit Court Judges, of course, would remain as Supreme Court Judges until the expiration of their terms, and provision is made for holding the county courts subject to assignment to the Law Division of the Supreme Court.

Then I would like to say that the maintenance of the county courts, it seems to me, would not interfere with the provision for a unified and integrated system of courts because there will be provisions for assignment of county judges to sit in any county of the State on the order of the Supreme Court, to assist with the work in any county where the volume of business has been too great for the existing judges there to handle. I think I have covered all of the points.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Are there any questions? ... Thank you very much, Mr. Eckman. We appreciate your coming.

MR. ECKMAN: Thank you.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Is there anything further to discuss this afternoon?

COMMITTEE MEMBER: May I ask one question? Have we done anything about this technical expert that we discussed for some time?

VICE-CHAIRMAN: No. I think we might as well defer it until next week. We won't be ready for any drafting until then.

(The session adjourned at 4:15 P.M.)

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