N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 281

Tuesday, July 8, 1947 (Morning session)

might like to have the benefit of the varying views of the Chancellor, Judge Hand and the Governor. Those of you who don't know Judge Hand or anything about him might take a glance at the February issue of the Harvard Law Review, which is devoted entirely to him. I think that if I read two sentences in Mr. Burlingham's article you will get an impression as to the type of judge he is. He ends his discussion of Judge Hand with these two sentences: "This man should have been on the Supreme Court of the United States years ago, but the stars in their courses fought against him. After 37 years on the bench he is now unquestionably first among the American judges." That's probably accurate. He is an outstanding judge, and I think that we will receive some helpful views from him.

MR. EDWARD A. McGRATH: Has his experience been mostly on equity cases?

VICE-CHAIRMAN: No, Judge Hand has been a federal judge all his life.

MR. McGRATH: General, overall?

VICE-CHAIRMAN: That's right, District Judge and the United States Circuit Court of Appeals. He was a judge at the trial level for many years, and he has been a judge at the appellate level for many years. None of us has spoken to him, but I think in the light of his general background and experience he will be of some help to us. We should be able to ask about the various issues that we have talked about; one of the embarrassing ones might be the question of the compulsory retirement age, since he is 75. I think we will get conscientious, straightforward expressions of his beliefs on the things we are interested in.

MR. McGRATH: Are you going to use this room on Thursday?

VICE-CHAIRMAN: I think so. We had Dean Pound last week, who attracted quite a few, but we seemed to accommodate all of them. If we have any overflow we can move. Since most of the other committees are busy, I don't expect that we'll have the bulk of the delegates here.

We had invited our Attorney-General last week, but he was unable to come on the date scheduled, so we asked him to come this morning and he has been good enough to attend. Unless some of the members of the Committee have further preliminaries, we'll proceed with hearing the Attorney-General. Anything further?


MR. WALTER D. VAN RIPER: I would like to say that if the Committee takes another room just to hear Judge Hand after I have to testify in this room, I shall feel very badly about it.


Thank you very much, members of the Committee, for this oppor-

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