N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 4

Tuesday, June 24, 1947 (Morning session)

sider today or tomorrow to be full public hearings, in the sense of having the public generally present, and I understand that we will continue on with special invitations. The Chief Justice has indicated a willingness to appear, and, of course, we will want to hear his views. It may be that we will want to hear those views at an informal session without any other persons being present.

MR. EDWARD A. McGRATH: Will the Convention meet next Tuesday?

VICE-CHAIRMAN: The Convention will meet every Tuesday.

MR. McGRATH: Then I move we have our hearings next week, also at the same hour.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Since you have opened that subject, I want to give you my tentative thought as to our calendar. We meet today and tomorrow. My suggestion is that we meet next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to hear invited persons, such as the Chief Justice, the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellors, and others whom we may invite to appear before this Committee; and that we reserve the week following for our own deliberation and the preparation of our own tentative proposals, with a view to submitting them for public hearings. That will bring us to the week of July 14, at which time I suggest that we reserve the entire week for full formal hearings. This brings us to the week of July 21, which we will have to reserve for the preparation of our final report and conclusions, for submission to the Convention before the close of the month.

Does that sound like a suitable schedule, or do you have any suggestions as to any changes?

MR. McGRATH: I move that the chairman's schedule be adopted.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Does anybody have any different views?


VICE-CHAIRMAN: Then I will prepare the schedule and members of the Committee may, of course, make any changes they desire as we go along.

MR. McGRATH: I move that the chairman make a notation of all those who wish to appear.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: May I modify that - to have the Secretary notify those who wish to appear before this Committee.

If you have no further business I suggest that we hear Senator Hendrickson. Senator Hendrickson seems to be ready to start and, if you all are ready, we will proceed.

Mr. Hendrickson, may I suggest you come up here so that the members of the Committee will better be able to hear you?

MR. ROBERT C. HENDRICKSON: Mr. Chairman, good lady, and members of the Committee:

At the start, I want to say I appreciate the honor of being here as

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