N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 470

Thursday, July 24, 1947 (Afternoon session)

MR. AMOS F. DIXON: That were in favor of a separate Court of Chancery?


MR. DIXON: Would that vote be modified if you considered the equity court as a separate branch of the general court?

MR. GEBHARDT: I think that is very possible. We did not have knowledge of anything at that time. That was, I think, about a month ago, wasn't it, Mrs. Miller?

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much, Judge.

MR. DIXON: May I ask one question?

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Sure, go ahead.

MR. DIXON: I would like to say that we are not, of course, even suggesting that we put the county courts in there, but I was very much interested in what you had to say about the county courts. Would you feel that the county court would be very much improved, from the people's standpoint, if we had a resident judge in each county and would extend his jurisdiction to all of the justice of the peace cases and small cause courts cases on the one side down, and on the other hand perhaps giving him jurisdiction over civil cases and criminal cases, the things which the Circuit Court judges to some extent now handle? Would you picture a situation of that kind as an improvement over the present county court? Understand please, not to be incorporated here - but I was just interested.

MR. GEBHARDT: I think that is possible in the rural counties where the work is not too heavy, of course.

MR. DIXON: Well, then, I might add that inasmuch as you mention these rural counties, the proposal would be to make these judges assignable in case they did not have a load and some other county had too much of a load, to help them carry some of that load at times. That would mean a transfer of a judge from Hunterdon, or Warren, or Sussex, maybe, to Essex for a few days, a day a week, something like that, to handle the same type of cases there on assignment, in order to fill his time, making him a full-time judge.

MR. GEBHARDT: I think that would be all right, except that I do believe that if he were assigned to another county he should be limited, perhaps, to the trial of civil or criminal cases and not the other general run-of-the-mill work.

MR. DIXON: I think that would be a good suggestion. Thank you very much.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much, Judge ... I think we have a representative of the Camden Court Bar Association.

FROM THE FLOOR: No one here.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Anyone here from Union County?


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