N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 471

Thursday, July 24, 1947 (Afternoon session)

VICE-CHAIRMAN: I suggest we recess for a few minutes. We have two more scheduled. One is for 2:30, which is five minutes hence, and one at 3:00, the Union County Bar Association.

(Recess for five minutes)

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Mr. Reiners, of the Camden County Bar Association, is here. I understand Mr. Reiners wants to introduce two or more members of the Association.

MR. JOHN HENRY REINERS, JR.: Ladies and gentlemen of the Judiciary Committee:

I have with me today the Honorable Thomas M. Madden, who is our United States District Court Judge in Camden and who is a member of the Board of Managers of our Association and also a member of the Constitutional Committee of our Association, of which I have the honor of being the chairman. I have also with me today Mr. Weidner Titzck, who is a member of the bar in Camden and who is the secretary of our committee. Frank T. Lloyd, Jr., who is the present president of our Association, appointed a Constitutional Committee consisting of the Honorable Thomas M. Madden, Honorable Bartholomew Sheehan, W. Louis Bossle, Walter S. Keown, Howard R. Yocum, John A. Riggins, Bernhard G. Luethy, Leon A. Wingate, Jr., Weidner Titzck, and myself as chairman. This committee met and attempted, by its deliberations, to arrive at a report which we hoped would be of some assistance to you members of the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Titzck has acted as the chairman of this committee, and at this time I will ask him to submit to the delegates of the Judiciary Committee the report which has been adopted by the Camden County Bar Association.

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much.

MR. WEIDNER TITZCK: The report adopted by the Camden County Bar Association on July 10, 1947 - and incidentally that is the reason that we did not have the opportunity of appearing before you earlier - consists of the approval of the following committee report, with possibly one addition. This entire committee to which Mr. Reiners has referred presented these recommendations, and each member of the committee took an active part in the discussion of the various recommendations and the suggestions in support thereof. Suffice it to say, that with the exception of one or two instances there was unanimity of opinion among the committee members, and the Bar Association supported the same points by a large majority (reading):

"1. That justices of the peace as now constituted under Article VI, Section VIII of the Constitution, be abolished."

MR. BROGAN: You certainly started from the bottom.


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