N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 561




Section I Judicial Power

terms each year, and all trial courts shall hold such terms as may be fixed by rules of the Supreme Court.

Section II Supreme Court

1. The Supreme Court shall consist of a Chief Justice and six associate justices. Five members of the court shall constitute a quorum. The presiding justice of the court shall designate a justice of the Superior Court to serve temporarily when necessary to constitute a quorum.

2. The Supreme Court shall exercise appellate jurisdiction in the last resort in all causes subject to the limitations imposed by this constitution. The court may, upon leave granted by a justice thereof, review any indictment before trial by certiorari. The court shall also have jurisdiction of the admission and discipline of attorneys and counsellors.

3. The Supreme Court shall make rules as to the administration of all of the courts, and, subject to law, as to pleading, practice and evidence in all the courts.

Section III Superior Court

1. The Superior Court shall consist of such number of justices as may be authorized by law, but not less than twenty-five, each of whom may exercise the powers of the court, subject to rules of the Supreme Court. The Superior Court shall have original general jurisdiction throughout the State in all cases.

2. The Superior Court shall be divided into a law section, to exercise civil, criminal, and matrimonial jurisdiction, and an equity and probate section, to exercise all other jurisdiction of the court, each section having such parts as may be provided by rules of the Supreme Court.

3. Any justice of the Superior Court may grant prerogative writs, returnable in an appellate division which shall otherwise have original jurisdiction relating thereto, and shall determine in such manner as the rules of the Supreme Court may prescribe, and without a jury, questions of fact arising therein; or the hearing may be in the first instance before a single justice, whose decision, both as to law and fact, shall be reviewable by the appellate division.

Section IV Appeals and Appellate Divisions

1. There shall be established in the Superior Court at least two appellate divisions. Each appellate division shall consist of three justices of the Superior Court designated by rules of the Supreme Court who shall hear appeals from designated sections of the Su-

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