N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 570



Section VI

1. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall be the administrative head of all of the courts in this State, and shall supervise their work. He shall appoint an executive director of the courts to serve at his pleasure.

2. The executive director shall:

  • (1) Assist the Chief Justice in all matters related to the administration, finance and personnel of the courts;  
  • (2) Publish a statistical record of the judicial services of all the courts, justices and judges in the State, and of the cost thereof, at such times as shall be required by law;  
  • (3) Prescribe records, reports and audits for the inferior courts;  
  • (4) Have such other duties as may be delegated by the Chief Justice.  

3. The Supreme Court shall appoint a Court Reporter, a Clerk of the Supreme Court, and a State Clerk of the Superior Court, each of whom shall hold office at the pleasure of the Supreme Court. The appointment of the Clerk of the Supreme Court and of the State Clerk of the Superior Court shall be made with the approval of the Governor.

4. The State Clerk of the Superior Court shall act as clerk of the appellate divisions and he, the county clerks and surrogates shall be the clerks of the Superior Court and shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by rules of the Supreme Court subject to law.

5. Judgments may be docketed and notices of pendency of actions and other papers or documents may be filed or recorded in such offices, with such effect, and in such manner, as may be prescribed by law.

6. The Chief Justice, subject to the provisions of this Constitution, shall annually assign the Justices of the Superior Court to the counties and to the sections and the parts of the Superior Court, and may from time to time transfer Justices from one assignment to another, and make temporary assignments to the appellate divisions, as need appears.

7. Prior to each legislative session the Chief Justice shall file with the Governor and the Legislature a report of the work of the courts as provided by law.


Section IV

1. On or before June first, one thousand nine hundred and forty-five, the Governor shall nominate and appoint, by and with the

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