N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 62



Wednesday, June 25, 1947 (Morning session)

(The session began at 10:30 A. M.)

The third meeting of the Committee on the Judiciary was held in Room 202, Rutgers University Gymnasium.

PRESENT: Brogan, Dixon, Drenk, Jacobs, McGrath, McMurray, Miller, G. W., Peterson, H. W., and Smith, G. F.

VICE-CHAIRMAN NATHAN L. JACOBS: We will today hear from Mr. Harold Simandl.

MR. HAROLD SIMANDL: Mr. Chairman and members of the Judiciary Committee of the Constitutional Convention:

I assure you that the officers and trustees of the Essex County Bar Association welcomed and were greatly honored to receive your kind invitation. We have a sincere desire to be of service to your Committee. They felt, however, that it would be helpful and perhaps clarifying if I appeared here as President and made a brief introductory statement with regard to the formation of our committee, its activity and the present status of the committee's report. With your permission, therefore, may I state that:

At a regular meeting of the Essex County Bar Association held on March 18, 1947, the following resolution was adopted:

"That a committee of eleven be appointed to study the subject of a judicial article to be included in the new Constitution and to submit a report on its researches to the Association by way of information and education, and to submit to the Association recommendations on points where the committee may think recommendations desirable."

The following committee was appointed: Milton B. Conford, Chairman, Augustus C. Studer, Jr., Dominic A. Cavicchia, Samuel Kaufman, James F. X. O'Brien, Mortimer Eisner, Harry Schaffer, Morris M. Schnitzer, Charles E. McCraith, Jr., Ward J. Herbert and Aaron Marder.

A study was made by the committee and a report with certain recommendations of the committee was presented to the Association and published in the June 5 issue of the New Jersey Law Journal, so that all members of the Association might have an opportunity to read and study the same. I have copies of that report.1 The report appears in the Appendix to these Committee Proceedings.

Two special meetings of the Association were held on the afternoons of June 11 and June 12, 1947, at which time the report and

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