N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 648


  • 3. There shall be one appeal as a matter of right, and by leave under certain conditions to the Court of Appeals.  
  • 4. The Court of Chancery should be retained without change and should be vested with the original jurisdiction of the Prerogative Court as recommended by the Judicial Council in 1935.  
  • 5. A County Court should be established to be vested with the jurisdiction heretofore vested in the Court of Common Pleas, Court of Oyer and Terminer, Court of Quarter Sessions, Court of Special Sessions and Orphans' Court.  
  • 6. The principle of bi-partisan membership of all courts should be provided for in the Constitution.  
  • 7. Because they are an essential part of our judicial system, the appointment of jury commissioners should be on a bi-partisan basis and placed under the control of the Court of Appeals.  
  • 8. Judges should be removable by impeachment alone for any misdemeanor committed during his tenure of office. Any provision authorizing the Governor or the Legislature, or either house thereof, to remove a judicial officer after an investigation or trial by either is completely foreign to the system of checks and balances and the principle of separation of powers under our republican form of government.  

A free and untrammelled judiciary is the final protection of the weak and the poor among our citizens against the excesses of a temporary power-hungry majority, for ours is a representative republican form of government. It is not a democracy in the pure or absolute use of the term, and

Be It Further Resolved, that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Judiciary Committee of the State Constitutional Convention.

This is to certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the resolution adopted by the Hudson County Bar Association at its Special Meeting held on July 2, 1947.

Louis P. Brenner, Secretary

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