N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 693


Camden County Bar Association Office of the Secretary 225 North Sixth Street Camden, N. J. 

July 11, 1947
 John Henry Reiners, Jr., Esq., Chairman Constitutional Revision Committee Camden County Bar Association Camden, New Jersey

Dear Mr. Reiners:

At a special meeting of the Camden County Bar Association held July 10, 1947, the following recommendations were adopted:

  • 1. Abolition of Justices of the Peace.  
  • 2. A County Court with original civil law and criminal jurisdiction with plan for service of process state-wide.  
  • 3. Abolition of the Circuit Court.  
  • 4. Continuation of the Court of Chancery as now constituted with all of its present appointive powers.  
  • 5. Abolition of the Prerogative Court.  
  • 6. Setting up of one Appellate Court of not less than seven and not more than nine judges giving every litigant one appeal as a matter of right.  
  • 7. Abolition of the Court of Pardons, vesting such power in the Governor.  
  • 8. All judges of the Constitutional Courts be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate, serve during good behavior and be restricted from practicing law.  
  • 9. All judges shall be duly licensed members of the Bar of this State.  

Respectfully certified,Raymond J. Jubanyik, Secretary,Camden County Bar Association

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