N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 694


(Submitted July 24, 1947)

In order to guide the representative of the Union County Bar Association in presenting the views of its members to the Judiciary Committee of the Constitutional Convention, questionnaires were mailed out to all the members. There were 319 questionnaires mailed out and 63 answers received.

The following are the questions asked and a recapitulation of the answers thereto:
1. Are you in favor of a small court of appeals which is to be an appellate tribunal of last resort? 56 2
2. Are you in favor of a Supreme Court with original general jurisdiction in all cases? 36 24
(a) with a law section and equity and probate section each exercising the jurisdiction of the other to fully determine each controversy, equity to prevail in the event of a conflict? 23 39
(b) an appellate section? 22 39
(c) a unified court of original jurisdiction without law and equity sections? 16 45
(d) a court of chancery separate and apart from courts of law? 26 36
3. Are you in favor of a mandatory retirement age for judges of constitutional courts? If answer is yes, circle the age. 65 70 75      
(65) 14
(70) 24
(75) 16
No age limit 5
4. Are you in favor of removing justices of the constitutional courts for misbehavior upon impeachment by the Assembly and trial and conviction by the highest court, except for the highest court judges, where trial and conviction would be by the Senate? 46 8
5. Are you in favor of having the Chief Justice assign the lower court judges to the sections and parts of the court from time to time, judges assigned to the appellate division to work there exclusively? 34 24

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