N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 695


(or) Are you in favor of permanent assignment of judges to the law and equity sections, if established? 26 33
(or) Are you in favor of mandatory rotation of the judges at short intervals between the law and equity sections? 16 42
6. Are you in favor of abolishing all prerogative writs and substituting      
(a) an appeal as of right instead of certiorari to review determinations of statutory tribunals and inferior courts? 47 13
(b) in all other cases a civil action as of right? 44 18
(c) no jury in any of these courts? 38 20
7. Are you in favor of allowing appeals as of right from all determinations, final or interlocutory, of inferior courts and final determinations of statutory tribunals to an intermediate appellate court? 44 16
8. (a) Are you in favor of allowing appeals as of right to the highest court from all final judgments, decrees or determinations of the intermediate court exercising its original jurisdiction? 35 25
(b) Appeals as of right only to the appellate division of an intermediate court with further appeal to be permitted to the highest court only      
(1) where there is a dissent in the appellate division? 27 32
(2) where the intermediate court has made a judgment of reversal or modification? 27 33
(3) on certification by the court rendering the judgment? 27 32
(4) on certification by the highest court? 25 33
(5) in such other cases as may be provided by law? 26 30
9. Where constitutional questions are involved, are you in favor of taking an appeal from a statutory or inferior court direct to the highest court? 53 8
10. Are you in favor of allowing the highest court to certify for direct review any final determination of an inferior court or statutory tribunal? 46 11

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