N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 706


Law Offices of Scerbo, Porzio & Kennelly Park Square Building Morristown, N. J. MOrristown 4-4220-4221, 

July 9, 1947
 Mrs. Richard L. Miller 152 Beekman Road Summit, N. J.

Dear Madam:

Honorable David Young, 3rd has appointed a special Committee of the Morris County Bar Association to obtain an expression of the views of our Morris County Bar Association concerning the Judiciary articles of the Constitution. This Committee has met and has just concluded a canvass of the membership and respectfully submits the following report:

  • 1. We recommend a separate Court of Appeals of last resort with a permanent membership of not more than seven, highly competent, and to dedicate full time to their duties as such.  
  • 2. We recommend one Supreme Court vested with all the jurisdiction now found in the Court of Chancery, Prerogative Court and the present Supreme Court, divided into a Chancery Division and a Law Division, but with power to do full justice in any one cause.  
  • 3. We recommend that the present County courts remain as they are.  

Respectfully submitted,Frank C. Scerbo, ChairmanC. Stanley SmithGerald FowlerBertram M. BerlaRaymond C. MatthewsFrank J. Valgenti, Jr.Oscar F. LaurieThe Committee

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