N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 715


       Chancery matters. In fact few, if any, of the members of the Chancery Court had extensive equity experience prior to appointment.  
  •    c.   A good Chancery judge is a person with an eminently fair approach to the problems involved and one who is not limited by a legalistic mentality.  
  •    d.   By a proper and intelligent assignment of the justices between the Law and Chancery Divisions, the same benefits can be secured to the litigant as by separate courts. A judge who shows a talent for equity can be assigned to that Division and kept there. A judge who fails to demonstrate such ability can be reassigned to another Division where his talents can be best utilized.  

For these reasons above stated, I am definitely in favor of having the new Constitution provide for a single court with appropriate Divisions.

Very truly yours,Theodore McC. Marsh

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