N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 719


- Penal and Correctional Institutions.

tains a county jail. Perhaps that was necessary in the horse and buggy days but it isn't necessary today with modern roads and modern automobiles. Perhaps a half-dozen jails would suffice for the entire State.

3 - Elections.

I believe I have written previously on this matter. The present setup is costly and inefficient and makes for frauds. I respectfully suggest that you propose that the new Constitution provide that the State shall conduct all elections. I feel that when state or federal officials are elected, the State should pay the entire cost of elections; and when a special municipal election is held, the State should bill that municipality. The municipal and county governments should not be billed for cost if their officials are elected at the same time as state and federal officials. As I pointed out to you previously, and recently to Senator Van Alstyne, I think we can save a great deal of money by eliminating half the statewise primaries and elections. Under the present setup we have primaries and elections each year. We cannot escape the holding of elections in even-numbered years as Presidents, U. S. Senators and Congressmen are elected in those years. But we can arrange the terms of our Governor, Assemblymen, State Senators, Freeholders and others so that they will be elected in even-numbered years.

The new Constitution could automatically extend your term a year so that the next gubernatorial election would fall in an even-numbered year. The term to be made four years. The new Constitution could provide the terms of all incumbent State Senators shall expire Jan. 1949, so that all Senators could be elected in 1948. The Constitution should provide that the terms of Assemblymen shall be two years, beginning Jan. 1949. Personally, I feel that a two-year term is better for State Senators but I think the sentiment is for a four-year term, therefore, starting Jan. 1949, the term could be four years.

The Legislature could arrange to make terms of all county elected officials four years, starting 1949, and providing that all shall be elected at the same time. I suggest that the new Constitution provide that all county and state elections shall be held in even-numbered years, starting in 1948. Compel the Legislature to act.

4 - Tax Assessments.

Suggest that the Constitution provide that the State shall fix the value for tax purposes of all real estate. As you know the present system is costly and unfair. Duplication of work costs money. The State can provide both the assessment and the appeals machinery. As you know, local assessing officials can be reached easier than state officials. Also, as you know, some municipalities

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