N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 725


Archibald N. JordanAttorney and Counsellor at Law 55 Front Street New York 4, N. Y. 

July 27, 1947
 Hon. Mrs. Gene W. Miller Secretary, Judiciary Committee Convention Hall, Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey

Dear Mrs. Secretary:

Taking advantage of the cordial and gracious invitation of July 24, to forward any comments on the tentative draft of the Judicial Article of the Committee on the Judiciary, State of New Jersey Constitution Convention of 1947, which you so kindly forwarded to me, I respectfully submit the following for submission to the public hearing on the Article to be held July 30th, 1947, at Convention Hall.

Section III:

Add clause: All courts having appellate jurisdiction shall have power to decide questions of fact as well as questions of law;

Add clause: All appeals may be taken up on the original record and exhibits of the court of original jurisdiction, and the record and exhibits shall not be required to be printed.

Section IV:

Add clause: 8. All causes shall have the right of appeal, and shall not require the consent of the court of original jurisdiction, or of intermediate appellate courts or of the Supreme Court to appeal in any cause or proceeding from the court below.

Section V:

Add clause 8 (p. 8):

No person who is, or has been, active in party politics, or is, or has been, serving or elected to the office of national, state, or county committeeman of any political party, shall be qualified to hold the office of justice, judge, recorder, or justice of the peace, or any other judicial office, of any of the courts of this State, superior or inferior, or of any administrative bureau, or commission, exercising judicial powers.

Add clause 9 (p. 8):

No judge, justice, recorder, or justice of the peace, shall sit, or take any part in any court hearing in any cause wherein he or any firm of which he is or has been a member, has represented in

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