N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 736


Sol Kantor Attorney at Law Perth Amboy National Bank Bldg. Perth Amboy, N. J. 

June 19, 1947
 Dr. Robert C. Clothier, President The Constitutional Convention Rutgers University New Brunswick, N. J.M

Dear Sir:

I called at your office on Friday morning, the 13th instant, and left with your Secretary a copy of a petition that I had filed with Gov. Driscoll.

Will you kindly present this petition to the delegates to the Convention, as a whole, for the information that it contains. I doubt very much if the average layman and, perhaps, many attorneys as well, really know the true conditions in our courts to-day. The allegations and proofs, contained in the petition, will enlighten them no end.

I would also like to make the following suggestions, which I feel should be embodied in the new Constitution that the Convention is to draw up. These suggestions are made after long and bitter experiences before the courts.

There should be a Court of Errors and Appeals. The name should be retained, if for no other reason than historical. The court should consist of seven members, which should be the court of last resort in all cases. Appeals should be allowed as a matter of right. This court shall only hear appeals and the judges shall not be a member of or sit in any other court.

There shall be a Supreme Court, which shall have state-wide jurisdiction, both in law and equity. Each county shall at all times have at least one resident justice.

The number of justices may be increased by appropriate legislation, as the public good may require. There shall also be an Appellate Division within this court, the members thereof to be chosen by the several justices who shall sit in this Division for one year, the justices to be rotated in this Division, from year to year, so as to give all of them equal opportunity of service and experience. No justice shall be permitted to sit in the county wherein he resides, so as to avoid the possibility of creating a strong political machine, which is now the case in our State; and these justices shall be rotated, from time to time, to different counties, for the

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