N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 738


honest heart. We should start with new, clean, fresh linen and not pick up our half-soiled wash.

A commission should be created, with two members from the New Jersey State Bar Association, farmers' group, labor, industry and so on, each group to select its own members and no two members shall be from the county. It shall be the duty of this commission to submit to the Governor five or six names, from which selection the Governor must pick his choice and submit that choice to the House and Senate. Each branch of the Legislature shall meet in separate session and two-thirds of the membership of each branch must vote for confirmation. This commission shall hear public charges of misconduct or inefficiency against any judge, and shall make its recommendation to the Governor, who in turn must turn over the matter to the Legislature, who shall in joint session publicly hear and determine the same and publicly make its findings.

The Governor shall be elected for a period of three years and shall not be permitted to ever hold that office again.

The members of the Senate shall be elected for a period of three years and shall be permitted to hold another term of office, but at no time shall he hold office more than six years. An Assemblyman shall be elected for two years and may be re-elected for another two terms, but at no time shall he hold office for more than six years. Once a Senator or Assemblyman has held office for six years, he shall not be qualified to hold that office again, or serve again in any branch of the Legislature.

The same limitations upon holding office, shall apply to all state, county and city officers, in order to prevent the building up of a powerful political machine, Democratic or Republican. There should truly be representation by the people, for the people and of the people, and not by the political machine for the political machine.

If we are to do this job of framing a new Constitution, let us do it right, or not at all. A half-way job is no job at all.

I have presented these views, based upon long and bitter experiences, in an honest and patriotic desire to be of some small help. I trust, that the members of the Constitutional Convention will receive and act upon it in that spirit.

Yours very respectfully,Sol Kantor

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