N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page 739


Whereas, the court system of the several counties of the State of New Jersey have served the citizens well with justice and equity, a fair sense of jurisprudence and just treatment, and

Whereas, the present constitution of the several courts of Juvenile, Orphans', Common Pleas, Oyer & Terminer and Probate act wisely in providing just claim and redress to public cases, and

Whereas, the Common Pleas Judges of the several counties have ably administered the affairs of these courts, now

Be It Therefore Resolved, that the present system of County Courts be and hereinafter continued, guaranteed and extended into the new State Constitution currently being drafted by Convention at New Brunswick, and

Be It Further Resolved, that the several Boards of Freeholders express a desire for a single responsible judge assigned to and kept within the boundaries of each county for legal service.

(Adopted August 4, 1947)

Respectfully submitted,Robert L. Adams, President,N. J. Assoc. Chosen Freeholders Chas. R. Stout, SecretaryAndrew McIntyre, Asst. Secretary

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