N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 4, Page viii



  • Public hearing, July 30, 1947 (afternoon session)    531     
  • Appearances:     
  • Appendix:     
    • Chart of the Present New Jersey Court System    555     
    • Report of the Commission on Revision of the New Jersey Constitution, May 1942   -    Excerpts relating to the Judicial Article    556     
    • Proposed Revised Constitution of 1944   -    Excerpts relating to the Judicial Article    566     
    • New Jersey Committee for Constitutional Revision   -    Explanation of draft of proposed Judicial Article recommended by the Committee    575     
    • Memorandum of G. W. C. McCarter submitting Revised Judicial Article as proposed in 1944 by the State Bar Association Committee    584     
    • Proposal of the New Jersey Bar Association Respecting Prerogative Writs    594     
    • Recommendations of the League of Women Voters of New Jersey    595     
    • Report of the Special Committee of the Essex County Bar Association concerning constitutional revision of the Judicial Article    599     
    • Resolution of the Hudson County Bar Association    646     
    • Statement of the Gloucester County Bar Association    649     
    • Memorandum of Judge Richard Hartshorne on "Double Litigation"    650     
    • Proposals of the Editors of the    New Jersey Law Journal      655     
    • Resolution of the Mercer County Bar Association    682     
    • Letter of Judge Guy L. Fake    683     
    • Resolution of the Lawyers' Club of Ocean County and the Ocean County Bar Association    689     
    • Resolution of the Hunterdon County Bar Association    690     
    • Report of the Constitution Revision Committee of the Camden County Bar Association    691     
    • Recommendations of the Camden County Bar Association    693     

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