Outspoken Library

The Outspoken Library is the welcoming name given to all of the services provided by The New Jersey State Library Talking Book & Braille Center (TBBC).  Phase One of this project was the installation of Outspoken Library computer kiosks in libraries. These kiosks were designed to bring all of our services to ONE portal and to enhance the visibility of TBBC’s services in New Jersey’s libraries. TBBC has installed forty-two Outspoken Library computer kiosks across New Jersey; thirty-seven of these are at public libraries. The presence of the Outspoken Library in New Jersey public libraries assists TBBC in reaching the caregivers, neighbors, friends and loved ones of those who need our services.

Phase Two of the project is the virtual Outspoken Library. Visit the Virtual Outspoken Library and discover how our library partners are helping us reach those with print impairments in our New Jersey communities!