15 Ideas for Library Blog Posts

blogThe public library blog offers an excellent way to keep your community updated about library events. Usually integrated with your website, the blog has long been the logical place for sharing details about upcoming art shows, fundraising events, and story times. But the blog offers even greater potential for educating your community and reaching specific types of library users.

Blog posts that examine local history or explain how to research the library databases can attract the attention of hard-to-reach audiences, especially teens and young adults. In fact, how-to and educational posts are immensely popular among younger audiences. Include more of this type of content and you’ll add depth to your library blog while increasing traffic to your website.

Remember that writing is only one way of presenting your topic. Take advantage of the Web’s ability to handle multimedia. Walk your readers through the steps of research using screen shots, allow viewers to come face-to-face with local artists by video, and invite listeners into an intimate discussion with community historians via podcasts.

For your inspiration, here are 15 ideas for blog posts.

Target Audience: Opportunity Seekers

1.      How to use market research databases to build a profile of your target audience

2.      How to build a list of sales prospects from library resources

3.      Top tips for writing a resume

Target Audience: Art, Music and Film Lovers

1.      Interview with a local artist

2.      A discussion of a famous director’s movie catalog

3.      A review of the library’s music collection

Target Audience: Community residents

1.      Dig into your community history and profile your town’s founder

2.      Local resources for residents, including sustainable food options, health services, classes and more

3.      The story behind a local landmark

Target Audience: Teens

1.      Tips for preparing for college tests

2.      Original writings by and for teens

3.      How to safely navigate social media

Target Audience: Book Lovers and Book Clubs

1.      A review of a poet’s body of work

2.      A discussion of dystopian worlds and the authors who create them

3.      A local twist on a recipe from a famous chef’s cookbook

Need more ideas? The blogs of public libraries around the Web offer some great examples. But some of the best inspiration will come from your own staff or library visitors. Don’t hesitate to ask!