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5 Nonprofit Blogs Worth Following

non-profit-scholarships_0Whenever I’m looking for inspiration or good marketing ideas, I sometimes turn to blogs outside the public library space. I have my favorite business marketing blogs, of course, but sometimes I need a perspective that’s not as sales-focused. I find that nonprofit blogs, especially those that focus on marketing, provide some good food for thought and useful tips.

Here are five of my favorite nonprofit blogs, along with a couple of posts worth reading on each.

Beth’s Blog. Beth Kanter’s blog is perhaps the best-known nonprofit blog. She advises nonprofits on the best ways to use social media and relationship marketing to achieve their missions. She has written two books on the topic.

Worth Reading:

7 Tips for Using Quotes for Your Nonprofit’s Content Strategy

Balancing Personal and Organizational Brand: Networked Leadership

Nonprofit Tech for Good.  Run by Heather Mansfield, this blog covers technology, online communications, social media, mobile apps and more. She provides good, practical advice about how to use technology to get the most from your marketing initiatives.

Worth Reading:

10 Must-Have Skills for Nonprofit New Media Managers

HOW TO: Host a Tweet Chat for Your Nonprofit

NTEN Connect blog. This is the blog of the Nonprofit Technology organization, a membership organization for technology professionals. Although its content is much more technical, it covers IT topics relevant to marketing, including email, website development and design. It also tracks major technology trends, such as data and cloud technology.

Worth Reading:

Five Things to Do Now to Enhance Your Nonprofit’s Website

Modernizing Nonprofits with Cloud Technology for Good

NonProfit Marketing Blog. This blog is managed by Network for Good, a fundraising platform. The blog covers trends in nonprofit marketing and technology. I like this blog because it offers insight on trends both online and offline.

Worth Reading:

It’s Time to Retire the Reception

7 Strategies for Mobilizing Millennials

FrogLoop. The nonprofit marketing blog of the Care2 community, this resource also tracks the latest trends. I like it for its practical tips and useful tools, as well as frequent rundowns of current statistics.

Worth Reading:

Web Design Pitfalls to Avoid

Why Email Still Rules!

What nonprofit blogs do you find useful? I’m always interested in new resources, so please share in the comments below!