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7 Podcasts Public Libraries Should Be Sharing

What’s hot in content marketing today? Video certainly tops many digital marketing lists, so it may seem strange that a seemingly outdated technology such as podcasting is gaining in popularity.

The first podcasts were distributed as early as 2003, but they’ve become enormously popular in the last couple of years. A recent survey by Edison Research and Triton Polling found 21% of Americans 12 and older have listened to a podcast in the last month. That’s about 57 million people.

Podcast topics range from news and comedy to history and fiction. There are podcasts about marketing, entrepreneurship, small business, politics, sports, and religion. Many major media outlets also have complemented their regular editorial content with podcasts. National Public Radio, for example, fully embraced the trend several years ago.

Librarians around the country have started their own podcasts too. Rita Meade, for example, is a Brooklyn public librarian who hosts Book Riot’s Dear Book Nerd.

But you don’t have to start a podcast to make this medium work for your marketing. Like TED Talks, you can use podcasts as a jumping off point for your blog posts, social media, and even events. The breadth of topics means you can find something of interest for any of the library audiences you’re targeting as part of your marketing strategy.

To get you started, check out the following seven podcasts.

For Book Lovers

BBC World Book Club

Hosted by Harriet Gilbert, this podcast from across the pond interviews authors from around the world. Guests have included Elizabeth Gilbert, Jonathan Franzen, Neil Gaiman, and Jhumpa Lahiri.

For Kids 

Eleanor Amplified

Eleanor Amplified is a world-famous radio reporter in pursuit of the Big Story. Her adventures always seem to land her in trouble. From WHYY in Philadelphia, this serialized story podcast is designed for kids ages 8-12.

For Parents

Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie

This podcast aims to help parents build a family culture around books. Interviews provide insights about how to get kids of all ages to love books of all kinds. It’s especially useful for homeschooling families, but every parent will find its tips valuable.

For Writers

Writership Podcast

Professional book editors Alyssa Archer and Leslie Watts critique five pages of fiction from traditional and self-published authors. They share writing and editing tips to improve your writing.

For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur on Fire

Starting a new business isn’t easy, especially if it’s the first time. Fortunately, many successful entrepreneurs are eager to share their stories and secrets. The host of this daily podcast, John Lee Dumas, has interviewed more than 1,400 entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tim Ferriss. His interviews cover everything from digital marketing to brand-building to finding the right audience for your product. This podcast is perfect for small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups.

For Citizens

Science Vs

Host Wendy Zukerman digs deep into the science behind hotly debated issues, to find out what’s true and what’s not. Fracking, gun control, and attachment parenting are covered in the current season. Science Vs. was very popular in Australia, where it was launched, but it’s now part of Gimlet Media, a podcasting company launched by Alex Blumberg, the co-founder of NPR’s Planet Money.

For Public Library Marketers

Duct Tape Marketing

Like small business owners, public librarians wear many hats, overseeing every aspect of running their organization. So when it comes to marketing, they need practical ideas they can put to use immediately. This podcast, like the book it’s based on, delivers on that promise. Hosted by John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide, the podcast covers SEO, messaging, social media marketing and more.


These are just a few samples of the rich world of podcasting. As you listen, you’re sure to find episodes perfect to share in social media, discuss in a blog post, or incorporate into a library book club.

About Tiffany McClary

Tiffany McClary is the Director of Communications, Marketing & Outreach for the New Jersey State Library. She coordinates marketing and public relations initiatives in order to enhance the reputation of the State Library, and promote the value of NJ libraries and the services and programs that they provide to residents.