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By the Numbers: Strengthen Your Public Library Marketing

All marketers claim that their product or service is the best. Words and phrases like “leading,” “highest-quality,” and “best service” tend to appear in marketing copy at a staggering rate. How can everyone be the best? There must be a better way to persuade people that they should support – and advocate for – your public library, right?
Well, actually, there is.

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Email Marketing for Public Libraries: Guides to CAN-SPAM Laws and Permission Marketing

In our Public Library Marketing 101 webinar last month, we briefly covered some best practices in email marketing for public libraries. One of the chief concerns – and annoyances – for everyone with an email address is the overwhelming amount of spam email that we get.
As a result of the flood of advertisements clogging email boxes, the CAN-SPAM Act was passed in the United States.

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