These Stats Show Why Mobile Should Part of Your Marketing Mix

The incredible increase in sales of smartphones and tablets has been well reported, and even if you haven’t read the news that mobile sales surpassed PC sales two years ago, you certainly have witnessed the growth. Everywhere you look, people are using smartphones to check Facebook, get directions and make dining reservations.

How to Use Google+ Hangouts

The Google+ social network may seem like a clone of Facebook in many ways, but it has one notable and unique feature that is worth incorporating into your social media strategy: the Hangout.
Hangouts are simply video chats/conferences for up to 10 people – and it’s free.

Just Getting Started in Social Media? Listen First

You’ve set up your first Twitter account, created a Facebook page for your library, or started a blog. It’s not uncommon for your next question to be: “Now what?” Contrary to what you might think, simply diving in and writing that very first tweet might not be the best use of your time.

Social in a Storm and Libraries in the Aftermath

Many of our communities are in crisis after Hurricane Sandy. Here at the New Jersey State Library, we’re shocked and brokenhearted by the photos we’ve seen of the New Jersey coastline. Many people and towns across the state are without power, and others have experienced devastating losses.