New Study Offers Nuanced Look at Millennials

There are nearly 79 million Millennials, and they may not be who you think they are. A common misconception is that people in this group, which encompasses those between the ages of 16 and 34, are all alike. But a recent study by marketing firm Barkley USA in partnership with Boston Consulting Group shows that there are indeed differences.

“How To” Tech Tips and Resources

Patrons often ask library staff for help with technology. Fortunately, the Web offers many resources to help people learn how to use their new smartphone or even program their DVR.
The first step toward finding how-to information on the Web is to know how to search effectively, and of course, librarians are expert at this task.

Tips for Creating Your Public Library’s Social Media Policy

If social media is part of your public library marketing plan, then you should create a social media policy. Social media policies govern the use of social networks by your employees on behalf of your public library. A policy can protect your public library from misstatements and errors in communications.

There’s an App for that Public Library

By now, everyone is familiar with Apps, programs that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Apps can help you find the nearest restaurant, beat your friends at word games, even move money from your bank account to a friend’s.

Facebook Timeline Helps Market your Public Library

Facebook will roll out its new Timeline to all business pages on March 30, so if your public library has a Facebook page, you should be thinking about how to update it. The good news is that Timeline has plenty of new features that make it easier to market your public library on Facebook. Are you ready?

Marketing Your eBook Collection

The launch of the new Apple iPad got me thinking again about eBooks and the dramatic changes in the way people are now consuming books. The lines that stretched around the block for the new iPad indicate that public libraries will see increasing demand for eBooks.

Tips to SEO Your Public Library Website or Blog

If a blog is part of your public library’s marketing strategy, it’s critical to optimize your copy so that search engines can easily find it. SEO – or search engine optimization – is the practice of incorporating search keywords into the headline and lead paragraph.

Visually Market Your Public Library With Pinterest

The latest social network to be catching fire is Pinterest, a virtual pinboard for images of things people love. Launched in March 2010, it already has more than 15 million users. Currently, Pinterest is invitation only, and I’ve only just begun to explore it myself.

Look out – here come the interns!

Spring is nearly here, which means returning college students aren’t far behind. If you’re considering hiring a summer intern, now is the time to start looking. Here are some tips for hiring a good intern to help with your marketing efforts.

Easy and Cost Effective Ways to Get to Know Your Audience

An essential building block of an effective marketing plan is a good understanding of who your target audience is and what they think. You may intuitively feel that you know the baby boomer who comes into your library every Friday morning, but it’s usually a good bet to back up your intuition with some data.