How to Measure Your Marketing Efforts

How do you know if your marketing is working? Let me tell you: a gut feel won’t tell you enough. With limited resources, it’s critical to measure your marketing activities. It’s the only way you’ll know which of your marketing efforts are most effective, and which you should stop doing altogether.

By the Numbers: Strengthen Your Public Library Marketing

All marketers claim that their product or service is the best. Words and phrases like “leading,” “highest-quality,” and “best service” tend to appear in marketing copy at a staggering rate. How can everyone be the best? There must be a better way to persuade people that they should support – and advocate for – your public library, right?
Well, actually, there is.

Ten Tips to Getting More Twitter Followers

Your public library now has a Twitter account, and you’ve been actively tweeting several times a day. You’re sharing great content and are having some interesting conversations with a handful of patrons.
But, for all the work, your number of followers seems to be increasing at a tortoise’s pace. Slow, but steady.

Tips for Promoting Your Library on YouTube

YouTube is the second most popular search engine, behind Google (which owns it). As a marketing tool, video can be very powerful, especially among Millennials and teenagers, who tend to be very visual learners. Video is also a medium in which they are very comfortable.  More than one in four Internet users between 12 and 17 record and upload video to the Web, according to a recent Pew Research Center Study. So, it’s worth adding finding ways to add it to your marketing mix.

How Public Libraries Can Work with the Media

Ask your neighbor how they find out about local community news, and they will likely tell you there are two common ways. They either hear it from someone else in town (word of mouth) or they read or hear about it in the local media. So, it’s critical for public libraries to reach out and develop relationships with local reporters and editors.

New Study Offers Nuanced Look at Millennials

There are nearly 79 million Millennials, and they may not be who you think they are. A common misconception is that people in this group, which encompasses those between the ages of 16 and 34, are all alike. But a recent study by marketing firm Barkley USA in partnership with Boston Consulting Group shows that there are indeed differences.

“How To” Tech Tips and Resources

Patrons often ask library staff for help with technology. Fortunately, the Web offers many resources to help people learn how to use their new smartphone or even program their DVR.
The first step toward finding how-to information on the Web is to know how to search effectively, and of course, librarians are expert at this task.

Tips for Creating Your Public Library’s Social Media Policy

If social media is part of your public library marketing plan, then you should create a social media policy. Social media policies govern the use of social networks by your employees on behalf of your public library. A policy can protect your public library from misstatements and errors in communications.