Simplify Social Media Management with These Tools

There’s no getting around it: marketing with social media is time-consuming. Keeping conversations going on all of your networks at once can be a challenge, and brainstorming and creating new content can also put a dent in your day.
Fortunately, there are several tools that can make managing social media very easy. Let’s look closely at two of them: Hootsuite and TweetDeck.

Using Video to Promote Your Public Library

One of the best ways to promote your public library in today’s very visual society is to use video. It’s a great way to reach younger audiences, who often gravitate to video, and an important benefit is that it can improve your ranking in search engines and help you rank higher in Facebook newsfeeds.

Google Indoor Maps for Public Libraries

Apple caused a big stir this week because it replaced Google Maps in the latest version of its iOS with its own mapping application. The problem is that there are many glaring gaps and inaccuracies in Apple’s maps.
Google, by contrast, has spent several years collecting data and sending its famous Google photo cars to visually capture locales.

How to Manage Negative Comments Online

We’ve all heard the horror stories about brands being caught in a social media crisis. The story is always roughly the same: a customer has a bad experience and tells their friends about it. All 229 of them!

Finding Time to Promote Your Library Through Social Media

During our social media webinar, Facebook, Twitter and Beyond: Marketing Libraries through Social Media, we asked our public library attendees to tell us what scared them the most about using Twitter.
Surprisingly, it was not about making mistakes (10%) or responding to negative feedback (5

How to Gain an Edge in Facebook

Some Facebook friends seem to be more prolific than others on Facebook, constantly updating their status and starting conversations around the social network. While it could be true that they’re just social butterflies, it is more likely that it just seems so from where you – personally – sit.
That’s because Facebook uses an algorithm to customize your news feed to your interests.