De-Mystifying Twitter

More than any other network, Twitter can be baffling. Until you know its conventions and culture, it can be hard to understand its appeal. But, it’s an excellent tool for staying up on news, keeping your community aware of your activities, and for understanding trends and how they are shaping today’s culture. Here’s a quick primer, as well as some tips on building a following.

Low to No Cost Tools for Marketing Your Library

The Internet and technology have made marketing tools and services much more affordable and accessible for marketing your public library. Not only are they easy to use, but they are often free or low-cost. They enable you to market your library quickly and widely, organize advocacy groups with ease, and converse with library patrons and fans around the clock, regardless of location.

How to Promote Your Public Library

In today’s struggling economy, public libraries play a critical role in the community. Beyond bringing books to people of all ages, they help the jobless research employment opportunities, apply for jobs, and improve their interview skills.