Timing Your Social Media Updates

Is there an optimum time to post your updates on social networks? Does timing have an impact on the reach of your message?
Bitly, the URL shortener, conducted an analysis of its click-tracking data to shed some light on this question. The optimal time on Facebook was from 1 p.m.

PR Tactic: Letters to the Editor

Media coverage of your public library can come in all shapes and forms: from simple listings of the latest summer movie night to the vote on your latest budget to a profile of your new library director.
A key thing to remember about working with the media: news stories about your library must be factual. Journalists, on principle, will aim to tell a fair and balanced story.

Connecting with Readers Through Photography

In our public libraries, we see people reading every day. So, perhaps we’ve become so accustomed to it that we no longer think about it. Maybe, if we let ourselves, we envision people reading on a bench in the park, or curled up in bed, or on the window seat next to a plate glass streaming with rivulets of rain. All are pleasant, warm images.
Reading is special.

Engaging Readers on Facebook: Top Books List

Those of you on Facebook likely have been asked to take a challenge at one time or another. These apps will ask you to review a list and then check off the movies you’ve seen, the foods you’ve eaten, the states you’ve visited.

Pew: e-Books Offer Gigantic Opportunity for Libraries

When it comes to e-books, “Librarians have a gigantic public education and marketing opportunity – people want to learn and know about this new world.” That’s one of the 10 key takeaways from Lee Rainie’s talk – The rise of e-reading and the changing role of public libraries – earlier this summer at the ALA Annu

Keys to Developing a Successful Public Library Advocacy Program

Financial resources are essential for maintaining your library programming, which means that in today’s economy, you must actively advocate for your public library. But what are the best ways to approach building an advocacy program?

Educate your library board
Your library’s board of trustees should be your best advocates.

Oh, the Places We’ll Go

Smartphones and tablets keep us connected wherever we are, and that makes it easier to check out local restaurants, businesses and – yes – public libraries, while on the go.

Why the Communications Plan Matters

One of the biggest challenges of marketing and public relations is ensuring that the public hears, understands, absorbs, and then acts on what you’re saying. It seems so simple, at first look. You simply need to communicate what you want from them, and they will do it.
However, persuading people to do or think what you want isn’t really all that easy.