Outspoken Library

The New Jersey State Library Talking Book & Braille Center (TBBC) wants to give every New Jersey resident an opportunity to learn about and explore its free library services, which are available to those who cannot read standard print books due to a visual or physical disability. To bring these services to the attention of New Jersey residents TBBC has installed thirty nine Outspoken Library computer kiosks across New Jersey.

In addition to our onsite Outspoken Library computer kiosks, we’ve also gone virtual! Now for the first time, NJ State Library TBBC services are available statewide to NJ residents of all ages whose ability to read is affected by a physical impairment, a reading disability, or a vision impairment.

As you think about your marketing plans, consider incorporating ideas for promoting the Talking Book and Braille Center. Here are some images you can use if you’d like to print some signs to post in your library.

The TBBC serves eligible New Jersey residents and places that serve eligible residents. Any resident who cannot read standard print or who cannot hold a book or turn the pages of a book may be eligible for TBBCs services.

Among the services that it offers are audiobooks on digital cartridge and downloadable audiobooks, audio magazines, and Web Braille; accessible audiobook players; Braille books; and news reading services. Theres no cost for these services.

The centers website provides a wealth of information on the services it offers, how to apply, and ways to market. Here are just a few marketing suggestions from the centers Getting Started Guide as well as templates that you can download and customize:

  • Promote the Outspoken Library, and point patrons to the site: http://outspokenlibrary.org/. The site allows eligible participants and care givers to access all of TBBCs services virtually.
  • Reach out in your community to schools, day care centers, after school programs, senior centers, senior housing buildings, religious institutions, opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, health care providers, social service providers, adult day care, assisted living, continuing care communities, geriatric care managers, home care providers, Lions Clubs, veterans organizations, etc.  You can customize our flyer to post at these centers. See: http://njsltbbc.org/tbbc_files/Poster_Word.doc
  • Place a news story in your local newspaper.  We have a sample news piece for you online at http://njsltbbc.org/tbbc_files/Draft Newsletter piece.doc .
  • If you have health fairs, audiobook fairs, senior fairs, electronic device demos of ebook readers, tablets, etc., have the audiobook player there to demonstrate.
  • If your library delivers materials to the homebound, incorporate TBBCs services into your homebound program.  The homebound coordinator can demonstrate the audiobook player to patrons, distribute individual applications, and explore whether any of the patrons need TBBCs Braille materials.
  • If your library has a magnifying machine, such as a CCTV, advertise it!  This is a hot commodity and will be valued by patrons who are struggling to read standard print. If you have any other assistive technology or assistive technology classes in your library, promote these services as well.
  • Consider promoting the Outspoken Library virtual site, the audiobook player and our audio news reading services as part of these national events (or any others you can think of).

January:  National Glaucoma Awareness Month

February:  Low Vision Awareness Month

March:  American Diabetes Alert Day

March:  MS Awareness Month

April:  National Autism Awareness Month

April:  National Parkinsons Awareness Month

April:  National Library Week. You could designate one day your Talking Book Day to profile all of the audiobook formats and players you provide.

May:  Healthy Vision Month

May:  Arthritis Awareness Month

June:  National Audiobook Month

October:  National Book Month

October:  World Blindness Awareness Month

November:  National Diabetes Month

November:  National Family Caregivers Month