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Americans Love Their Public Library, But Could They Love It More?

“Public libraries are more beloved than apple pie,” says Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic. After looking at Pew’s latest research about the role libraries play in people’s lives and the community, Meyer stacked the library’s approval ratings against those of other American institutions.

It’s a clever comparison, and one that might make an interesting marketing campaign. But who would dare take on baseball and apple pie?

Still, the recent data from Pew includes some other useful nuggets that both can be incorporated into our marketing efforts and guide our 2014 strategy.

There are several data points that are worth marketing on your website, in email newsletters, and in advocating for your library budget.

Should Public Libraries Use Snapchat for Marketing?

The latest hot social media property is Snapchat, which had attention-grabbing headlines just a few weeks ago when its young founders turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook.

For that much money, it must have some value to marketing and advertising. So should public libraries consider using it to market their services?

Perhaps, but it may be too early to tell, and public libraries may want to move cautiously.

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