COVID-19 Pandemic Resources and Plans for Library Reopening

In order to assist with the difficult decisions public libraries must make prior to reopening, the New Jersey State Library has assembled a number of resources to help guide your decision making and process. There are many recommendations to consider, and much preparation and work to do before reopening your library during the current pandemic.

All libraries should have a written plan in place for a staged reopening that has been approved by your Board of Trustees and vetted by your local municipality and board of health. In addition to a written plan, there are several issues to discuss with your attorney:

—Implementing and understanding Executive Orders
—Implementing CDC/Health Department Orders
—Updating Policies
Patron Behaviors Policy
Meeting Room Policy
Other Policies
—Employment Challenges

Libraries should use their discretion in employing any of the following recommendations. The recommendations in this document should in no way be interpreted as legal advice, nor should it supersede any orders or directives by local, state, or federal agencies.

For further information contact the Deputy State Librarian for Lifelong Learning, Michele Stricker, at


Suppliers for PPE

*The following vendors have identified themselves as providing personal protection equipment. Their inclusion on this page is for informational purposes only, and does not indicate endorsement of the companies or their products by the state library.

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Library Staff and Customer Safety during a Pandemic

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Planning for Reopening

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Reopening Guide for Cleaning and Disinfecting

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Employment Issues

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Federal Response

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