Explore a Storymap of an Early Handwritten Manuscript of Books Held by the State Library in 1796

Early List of Books from The New Jersey State Library StoryMap

(The background image shown in the StoryMap is from the original manuscript and was provided by the New Jersey State Archives, Department of State.)

Using research conducted by the New Jersey State Library’s now-retired genealogist, John Shaw, an interactive StoryMap has been created.  It displays a high resolution scan of an early inventory of books held by the New Jersey State Library in 1796.

In 1796 the Clerk of the House, Maskell Ewing, was directed to “enter on the minutes of the House of this day the titles and names of the several books now belonging to the New Jersey Legislature.” Thirty-three titles appear on his list.  -John Shaw

Using this StoryMap you can examine the handwritten manuscript created by Maskell Ewing in 1796.   While browsing the manuscript you will be able to view each book’s title page, bibliographic information, and see if it is still held in the New Jersey State Library’s collections to this day.

storymap example page
#27 Journals of the Assembly of Pennsylvania from 1780 to 1790 incomplete.

The Storymap was created using free software offered by the Knight Foundation’s Knight Lab.

To learn more about the early history of the New Jersey State Library, you can read John Shaw’s “Genesis of the New Jersey State Library 1703 – 1796 : A documentary history” online in our New Jersey State Publications Digital Library.

If you have any questions about the project or any questions concerning the history of the New Jersey State Library please do not hesitate to contact the State Library Information Center.