Here’s Your 2017 Marketing Strategy Checklist

christmas-1091176_960_720It’s that time of the year! You’re putting the final touches on next year’s strategy and – just like Santa – you’re checking your list and checking it twice. That’s why I thought I’d share the following checklist. It covers today’s hottest marketing trends, ones that I recommend including in your strategy.

You don’t have to include each and every one, of course, but I challenge you to experiment with at least one in 2017. So, go ahead and mash this list up against your plan.

Customer Experience

I can assure you, the heart of every marketing plan next year will be this idea: Focus on the customer. Brands are investing millions of dollars in strategies that enable them to deliver exceptional customer service in the places customers prefer to interact. Public libraries can take a page from this book by listening more closely to library users and understanding what they want and need, and how they want to interact with you. By doing so, you can direct your marketing resources to the activities that will have the greatest impact.

Video Content

Driven by mobile, video usage continues to surge. According to Cisco, by 2020, more than 75% of global mobile data traffic will be comprised of video, which means more people watching and interacting with video content. If you haven’t started to experiment with this yet, be sure to put a small project in the plan for 2017. This can be the first building block of a multi-year video strategy.

Live-Streaming Platforms

Live-streaming video platforms such as Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live are poised for growth, as more organizations integrate interactive video into their communications strategies. The option to broadcast live on Facebook is particularly attractive, since most brands already have built substantial fan bases. Use it for announcing major news, holding Q&A’s with library users, or sharing performances held at the library.

Serial Content

How to keep visitors coming back again and again to your website? Create serialized content, such as “12 Steps to Starting Your Own Business,” and publish one step each week.

Voice & Tone

If traffic to your website and engagement on social media isn’t as high as you’d like it to be, perhaps it’s time to shake up the content. Today’s readers gravitate toward writers who they find relatable. Review your voice and tone to make sure it aligns not only with your brand, but also with your target audience. Take a look at TheSkimm, a newsletter originally designed for Millennial women. It’s an excellent example of a brand that has mastered this alignment.

Marketing Audit

Time changes many things, including the content or design of your website, social media, newsletters and other marketing material. Each year, make it a point to review all your marketing pieces with an eye for the future and update as necessary. Be sure your audit covers these marketing staples:

  • Buyer Personas
  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Images
  • Bios
  • About the library copy
  • Social media profiles

That’s my list! Did I miss anything? Are you integrating or experimenting with a new marketing strategy or tactic in 2017 not mentioned here? If so, please share in the comments!

About Tiffany McClary

Tiffany McClary is the Director of Communications, Marketing & Outreach for the New Jersey State Library. She coordinates marketing and public relations initiatives in order to enhance the reputation of the State Library, and promote the value of NJ libraries and the services and programs that they provide to residents.