Introduction To Internet & Mobile Privacy: Class Follow-Up

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Thank you to all who attended the June 17th  Introduction To Internet & Mobile Privacy Lunchtime Learning class.

 The entire presentation can be downloaded here

In this section I will answer some questions that came up during the class:

What are some of the best news sites to learn about online privacy related topics and stories?

I recommend reading stories from the following sites:, (there are many others out there as well):


What are some other organizations that offer information about Online and Mobile Privacy?

The following organizations, many of them non-profits, offer some great resources regarding online privacy:


What is some other software that can be used to help protect your email and phone number privacy online?

This service was brought up by class participant:

  • It allows you to hide your real email, phone number, and financial card numbers while browsing online for a fee.
  • ***NOTE*** I have never used this service and can not personally vouch for it’s effectiveness.

What about password managers, are they safe?

Many participants in my last online privacy class were concerned about having to remember so many complex passwords for different online accounts.  We already covered the importance of creating passwords that were as long as possible,  but I brought up the option of using password manager software to help you keep track of it all.

A password manager saves many different passwords and encrypts them.  Users create one master password which is used to log in to all of your accounts. Obviously this makes protecting this master password very important!  I would like to make it clear that using a password manager does not make your passwords more secure necessarily, instead it makes managing them easier.

One of my favorite online sources for finding tips on software and online security is the online media website called Lifehacker.  They have two excellent articles covering the topic of choosing a difficult to guess password as well as choosing a using a password manager that is secure.


As always if anyone has any other questions please feel free to contact me!